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Park Memories

As a child, I loved how each corner of Boise’s vast new park offered surprises. My two favorite things were feeding the ducks and riding the playground equipment near the river. My uncle spent hours with me at the slide, swings, monkey bars, and merry-go-round. Ann Morrison is the crown of Boise’s parks—our Ribbon of Jewels—and I marvel at the vision and foresight of the individuals who spent countless hours and dollars to preserve open space for future generations. The vivid memories I made here provide lasting images that will endure in my mind forever, and I’m proud to help ensure this unique and beautiful space has a future as vibrant as its past. 

Mark Daly

MARK AMP0001.jpg

My thrifty grandmother used to give my family stale Wonder Bread to feed the birds. As a young father, it was a welcome way to entertain my kids for an hour or two. Some of my fondest memories are watching the kids feed the ducks at  Ann Morrison Park. It built a connection with nature that my children will never forget. 

Justin Wilkerson

AMP Memory Janae Feeding Ducks.jpg

I was born a year after the construction of the park and I can’t remember a time when Ann Morrison Park was not a part of my life. I played in the creek with my siblings while my mom played tennis. I skated on the ponds in the winter and fed the geese in the summer—and my family had more picnics here than I can count. Now as a parent myself, I bring my family to watch the fireworks and cheer on our son when he competes in high school cross country. The trees now tower over the park, but I love that I remember when they were just sticks. This park has grown with my family, and I want to see it continue for generations to come.

Annie Anderson

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