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Projects Completed

Updated Fountain

The new and improved fountain includes more than 10 miles of electrical wiring routed through more than 240 conduits for operation. The main water tunnel is 70 feet long and includes 69 active jets that arch, spray and splash park visitors. The sprays range from five feet to almost 12 feet high depending on the programmed fountain sequence, which can be changed with the touch of a button. Benches that flank the fountain tunnel feature 14 waterfalls for kids and adults to wet their feet. The surfacing around the new fountain has also been updated for safety and accessibility.

It is ready for you to come splash!

Fountain Complete-edit.jpg

Donor Double Portal

"Ann Morrison Park’s design incorporated many circular elements at its creation. A central DOUBLE PORTAL continues the theme of circles and emphasizes the strong axis from the park entry through the fountain onto the bronze memorial of Ann Morrison.


The West Portal was inspired by a classic mid-century breeze block… The East Portal has a more organic pattern of...donor-recognition circles, almost like bubbles from the fountain…


My goal was to make a memorable and unique art installation that doubles as a place to recognize donors."

Excerpt from the artist statement by Stephanie Inman.


Would you like to be recognized on the Donor Portal for your contribution to the park? Click below for more information.

Old Timer's Shelter

The picnic shelter, originally built by Morrison-Knudsen Corp. employees, just got a pressure wash and a fresh coat of paint thanks to a group of former Morrison-Knudsen Corp. employee volunteers.

Old Timers Shelter.jpg

Together Treasure Valley Dog Island

Dog Island is a 5.4 acre area in the southwest corner of the park where your dog can play off leash year around. There is areas for active dogs to run and water dogs to swim.

AMP Dog Park 1.jpg

Three Deer  Sculpture Relocation

The fountain renovation project included the relocation of the Three Deer sculpture, created by Bernie Jesterbeck Hart in 2009. Its new home is along Boise River near the Old Timer's Shelter.

Deer Relocation 1.jpg

Ann Morrison Memorial Renewed

The Boise City Department of Arts & History polished the marble and cleaned the bronze to return the memorial to its original grandeur.

Ann Morrison Memorial-clean 2 straightened.jpg
Ann Morrison Memorial-aged & edited.jpg
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