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Projects Coming

1. Create Safe Access from Crescent Rim Drive:
The Peasley Connection Stairway

We are currently fundraising for a stairway with a runnel that will connect Crescent Rim Drive with the park at Peasley Street. This will create safe, off-road access to the park and downtown Boise. A runnel is a grooved trough for cyclists to push their bicycles up or down.

We will set a construction date once we acquire funding.

Peasley Stairway 3D Model_003 (Lightened).jpg
Peasley Stairway 3D Model_004 (Lightened).jpg

2. Upgrade Fountain with Donor Portal

Construction began March 1.  We feel this version will be as iconic as the fountain that was just removed. Project completion estimates are subject to change due to volatility in the construction industry. Current challenges include material availability, rising costs, supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages and more. For more details visit this link:

AMP Fountain 1-10-22 design.jpg
AMP Fountain with Portal.JPG
AMP Portal cutout east.JPG
Donor Portal designed by Stephanie Inman

3. Restore the Clock Tower

We plan to move the clock tower out of the sports fields and restore its original glory. Although the tower does not yet have a new home, we plan to recreate the 1959 version of the four clock faces.

Photo complements of Special Collections and Archives, Boise State University

4. Improve Park Entries

By adding a wave roofline entryway similar to designs found in Palm Springs, iconic home of mid-century modern design, we desire to keep the park's mid-century modern roots. We will also improve the entryways at Royal Boulevard and Ann Morrison Drive with signs that complement the grand entrance at Americana Boulevard.

Entryway designed by Jason Keeble at Trademark Design.
AMP Entry Americana-clay color.jpg
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