Projects Coming

1. Peasley Connection:
a stairway with runnel

Peasley Stairway 3D Model_004 (Lightened).jpg
Peasley Stairway 3D Model_003 (Lightened).jpg

We are currently fundraising for a stairway with a runnel that will connect the Crescent Rim with the park. 

There is no completion date at this time.

3. Restore  the Clock Tower


Our plan is move the clock tower out of the sports fields and to restore its original glory. We are currently fundraising for this.

There is no completion date at this time.

Photo complements of Special Collections and Archives, Boise State University

2. Interactive Fountain with Donor Portal

AMP Fountain 1-10-22 design.jpg
AMP Fountain with Portal.JPG
AMP Portal cutout east.JPG

Donor Portal designed by Stephanie Inman

 Sorry to those who hoped to enjoy the fountain this summer. Some planning changes and cost increases have delayed this project.


We hope this will be done in summer of 2022.

4. Park Entries

We are waiting on design approval for our plan as well as funding for the project.

Click here to view our entryway design competition results.