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Come Play! Campaign

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Ann Morrison Memorial Park was created through the combined efforts of Mr. Morrison, the Morrison-Knudsen Company, service clubs, neighborhood organizations, and individuals who donated labor, money, trees, sundial clocks—and even ducks.


Today, the Harry W. Morrison Foundation’s Come Play! Campaign intends to fund a major park renewal. We ask for your help to keep this gem of Boise sparkling for future generations.


Our campaign goal is to raise

$2 million, which will garner          

$4 million in matching support:

$2 million from the City of Boise and

$2 million from the Harry Morrison Foundation.

Planned Improvements

* Construct an off-leash swim area for Boise's dogs.


*Upgrade to an interactive fountain.

    Phase 1 is completed.
    Fundraising for Phase 2 will come later.

*Create safe pedestrian & bike access from Crescent Rim.

    Construction should commence fall of 2023.

*Restore the clock tower.

    Currently fundraising.

*Revamp the river front area to ease congestion.

    In design phase.


*Improve park entryway signage.

    Waiting for funding at a later date.

In 2016, the City of Boise and the Harry Morrison Foundation joined forces to study public enthusiasm for projects suggested by Ann Morrison Park’s updated master plan. The study narrowed the list of potential park improvements to six key upgrades the public was passionate about.

You Can Help

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Click our "Donate" button for ways to give to the project. We are honored to accept pledges, cash gifts, stocks or securities, in-kind gifts and hosts for Come Play! house parties.

To talk in detail, call Bonnie at 208-345-5225 or email

The Campaign Team

Annie Anderson

Debbie Bloom

Mark Daly 

Vickie Daly

Tom Governale

Rick Ogle

Russ Strong

Bonnie Wilkerson

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